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June 04, 2006



ooh! fucking hell! good chrikey on a bike (I would probably stay off the bike for a while)! poor you. God that's made me quite queasy. Get well soon and probably best to avoid the Orlaith from Big Brother issue of "Nuts" magazine until you are sure everything is in working order.

Backword Dave

D2, I'm sure avoiding "Nuts" magazine is sound advice.

Indeed, poor you. If you ever learn the polysyllables, however, be sure to let us know.

Paul Lyon

jamie: I wish you good luck in recovering. I spent over a week in hospital seven years ago with a strep infection in my left leg. It took rather a while after that to recover fully. I hope you have better results than I did.


'Until I start to give a toss again'... I like your style Jamie.

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