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June 10, 2006


Mike Power

Ah, yes I remember it well. Big lump, looked good in swimming trunks for a while ;-)
Antibiotics and rest I think. Get well soon - Mike Power


fook. get well soon mate.

Larry Teabag

Youch. Sounds horrid. Gonna post any photos? All the best anyway.

Backword Dave

What d2 said.

Chris Williams

Ow. Good luck. On the sunny side, at least Roy Farran's dead - it seems that although you may have had a bad week, at least two war criminals had a worse one.

Chris Brooke

(Three days into your long bath and I'm worrying that the water will have got cold by now.)


Get better soon, Jamie. We miss you.

Charlie Whitaker

We're nearly four days now without posts. Just how bad is this?


I'm not even a blerk, but yikes!


Christ. All the best, Jamie.

I have my legs crossed and my eyes are watering in sympathy.


God, that sounds horrible. All the best.

Backword Dave

Oh god, reading about the symptoms and the treatment nearly brought tears to my eyes.

Next thing you know, someone on the Daily Kos will be turning it into a joke.

Hope the op goes well.

Chris Williams

Remember to try the "Are you taking the piss, or what?" line when you're handing over a sample. They laugh at that one in urology. Well, they sometimes do.

Charlie Whitaker

Jamie, get well soon please. I'm wishing you a full recovery.

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