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June 18, 2006


Chris Williams

Keep digging, Jamie, and you'll note that the Met passed the tip-off up to the Cabinet Office to get their nod before OK'ing the raid. In other words, they smelt a rat and wanted some other bugger's arse on the line when it went pear-shaped.

By the way, do you subscibe to the South China Morning Post? They've got a story on the topic -- "London's top cop in firing line". This might quote me but I'm too tight to pay merely to check if they've got me down right.


As that Scottish metal band put it, "I've got a TRIGGER INSIDE!"

Hold on, that was none other than Therapy? Very appropriate.


I think I would take issue with both the adjectives "metal" and "Scottish" as applied to Therapy?. IIRC they were Northern Irish. And they couldn't have been Metal because I have two of their albums and I am too cool to like Metal. Therefore they must have been "Indie", with a touch of "hard rock". No way were they Metal. I am not in denial. In related news, Skid Row were not Metal and nor were Iron Maiden, not really.


"...they smelt a rat and wanted some other bugger's arse on the line when it went pear-shaped."

Or maybe they were collaborating in the sense that financiers come together to produce a movie, hire writers, directors and so on. A "threat" is something with appealing event management potential.

I don;t subscribe to the SCMP, but I'll do a quick run down the Chinese blogs, where it's often cited.


Not that I am in anyway wanting to defend the police or anything, but I can't see myself why because the source was a guy with a low IQ made his info any less reliable than anyone else (plus the usefulness of IQ as a concept is pretty contentious to say the least anyway).

Surely the central issue is that the police used the evidence of a single source (whoever it was) as an excuse to go and harass and shoot a couple of 'Hajis'?

Oh nice blog by the way. It's my first visit!


"the Zero Mostel of national security, Sir Ian Blair" - nice one.

Chris Williams

The SCMP story on Blair is available online at the reporter's website, here:


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