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August 27, 2006



Perhaps they're going to re-deploy some of the 1200 troops that evacuated the base in Amara earlier this week. The re-deployment of half that force to the marshes, allegedly to interdict cross-border smuggling from Iran, actually makes a smidge of sense if it's a quick training course for a trip to Afghanistan.

FWIW, a Rourke's drift scenario in which a sizeable number of squaddies get massacred is not going to go unnoticed - the political fallout would be, er, interesting.

Martin Wisse

In the Dutch newspapers this morning there was a story talking about how the Dutch taskforce now in Afghanistan might start to reinforce the British.

John Brissenden

I heard that cunt Browne on Five Live today, burbling on to the effect that everything was peachy in Afghanistan. The guy from the Telegraph wasn't having any of it.

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