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September 01, 2006



Yeah, I got that too. The thinking soldier wants to be Finnish?


Wierd. It seems I'm a Finnish squaddie too.

Davide Simonetti

I turns out that I'm Finnish too, how strange!


Nice isn't it? membership of the only army that fought both European totalitarians, albeit serially. Plus saunas!


Ditto Finnish here. Who wouldn't want to be in an army who adorned their assault guns with concrete and logs?

James O

Strange; I'm Italian.


Guess what? Finnish too. We ought to form a club - the Virtual Republic of Karelia.


I too am Finnish, followed by Italy, Poland and the British in that order. Are there seven of us yet?


Finland or Poland in a dead heat, with the tie breaker question being whether I'm more committed to the view "Infantry can succeed against tanks" or "In desperation we find strength" (no prizes for guessing which one is associated with which army).


I see from their blogs that Backword Dave and Simon Keal are also sons of Suomi. We'll be up to company strength pretty soon. Shall we intervene in Darfur?


No, it's unnecessary because none of our vital interests are involved, and anyway we don't have the advantages of fighting on our territory in our winter. And there's no fish there.

Didn't they teach you anything at PVKK?


there was a semi-urban myth going round in the 1990s that the new government of East Timor were considering adopting Finnish as their official language (as in, the lingua franca of the various Timorese islands), for the basic reason that all the ethnicities wouldn't want to learn each other's language, common Indonesian was the oppressor's language and the Finnish troops who had staffed one of the UN missions were basically the only people who had been nice to the Timorese within living memory.


No, *I'm* Finland.


"...we don't have the advantages of fighting on our territory in our winter."

And the skiing's lousy. Plus, No Formula 1 racing

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