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October 04, 2006



Does that mean we get to burn the bastard in a wicker man? With Britt Ekland?

Charlie Whitaker

... having first arranged things so that putting on the fool's costume seems like a good idea.

Top post.

Adam Elkus

I remember when Blair came to power he seemed almost desperate to exude youth. The "cool Britannia" campaign is a great example. Yet after he started parroting Bush's two-cent imitation Churchillisms about the "Islamo-fascists," Blair seems less like a young gun than a stern and senile old man. Yet no matter how much support he's lost, his ideas will live on in the form of the Euston fellows.


Great post. Somenow I can't see a 'Status Quo' party led by escapees from an Old Folks' Home being too successful, though.

Antipholus Papps

What a fantastic post! And the most succinct appraisal of our corrupted political system I've read in some time.

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