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November 12, 2006



Hmm. On the other hand, it shows exactly what people will brave the riot police about - anything that punches through their crust personally. Not the deportations.

Martin Wisse

On the gripping hand, this sort of issue may be acting like a pressure valve for all of the anxieties that cannot be protested about, allowed by the authorities to avoid more serious protests...


Thank you Jamie for this post and for your comments regarding people being willing to stand up for their pets.

I understand that many people don't "get" why dog lovers are so attached to their dogs. But as someone who cannot imagine life without dogs, I can tell you that dogs make us feel like the people we want to be. I strongly suspect that is partially why Chinese dog lovers are literally taking it to the streets. They have discovered the magic of a relationship with another being and are not willing to go back to life with just other humans. As one Chinese dog lover was quoted as saying, "The dog gives me somone to talk to other than my wife."

Humans are okay, and I have a lot friends among them, but dogs can transform you and teach you things other humans can't.

More power to the Chinese dog lovers!

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