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November 20, 2006



The cat now? Christ - you've had a fun year...


Oh hell...


I'm sorry, Jamie...

Charlie Whitaker

There is something impressive about the sheer doggedness with which the animals hang in there, don't you think?

Paul Lyon

Sorry to hear about Suki.

If you intend to take your own advice about a canine, consider visiting the breed or all breed rescue organizations available to you: they usually have more dogs needing homes than they know what to do with, and rescue dogs can make fine four pawed sidekicks.

Backword Dave

I thought you had a dog.


We do. And two more cats. I was just making the comparison.

Our current mutt is a pudding JRT, but our past two dogs were rescue animals.

Backword Dave

Am really sorry about Suki too. Euthanasia is very quick in my experience. Vets keep saying it's the best thing.

20 years is a long time to have had a cat; you must have been pretty young (recent grad?) when you got her.

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