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November 14, 2006



It gets tiresome, but I guess we have to keep repeating this.

Desire is not the same as consummation.


In last week's case the plan would have needed material from 10,000 smoke alarms, leading some to doubt that the plot was viable.

Probably the only people who scoff at this are people who'd never heard of David Hahn. (aka the Radioactive Boy Scout).


I'd almost forgotten about him. Indeed.

andrew duffin

Oh for heaven's sake.

Not that old Americium pish again.

Is there really no limit to the ignorance of those who wish to scare us?

Why don't they ask a chemist or two, before rushing into print? (See also under Acetone Peroxide, etc etc).

It's almost like they don't have any better scare stories to produce...

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