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December 16, 2006



I have to say I found it difficult to join the smug consensus about Enron. A situation had grown up in which Ken Lay was faced with the choice between accouting honestly for his off-balance sheet vehicles, and not making a lot of money. Now perhaps you might say that it was dishonest to fiddle the books, but surely you can at least recognise the moral seriousness of the question of the quarterly earnings numbers and see that there are issues on both sides. After all, he inhabits the same moral universe as the rest of us.


I just noticed Kettle's use of the American "beat up on". How curious.


Also used by Paddy Ashdown 'tother night on the news.

Chris Williams

Every time I think that Kettle can't get his tongue any further up Blair's arse, he does. Truly a remarkable man.

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