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January 12, 2007


Chris Williams

Perhaps those very few squaddies who joined in 1968 can be forgiven for not expecting casualties. That was the only year since anyone started counting that the British Army's not had anyone killed in action.

Meanwhile, let's have a Brecht spreadbet: how many times between now and "Goodbye Tony - see you in The Hague - Day" is someone going to quote the line about electing a new people? My money's on 378 results for a Google search on Blair+"elect a new people".


We seem to be already getting a lot of comment along these lines, except that it's meant seriously.

Backword Dave

Well, 'volunteer' is entirely redundant in Blair's speech. Israel has conscription and members of their armed forces, I believe, know that they may be called into conflict.
Second, when I've met ex-members of the armed forces, they're very well aware of the dangers. They can be as morbid as medics. They know that a sniper a mile away can kill you and you'd never know.
Third, "The purpose of war is not to die for your country. The purpose of war is to make the other guys die for theirs." Patton. Blair isn't just a managerialist. He's a shit manager too.
BTW, I laughed out loud at Steve Bell today - for the first time in years.

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