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January 18, 2007


Backword Dave

I nearly went with my guess that that was the actual word he used.
It'll be fun when he leaves.


I think the mistake that Channel 4 made was to invite someone on who was actually famous, in the sense of being a household name to hundreds of millions of people. She was never going to fit in with a bunch of gamma-listers (it's like in mathematics, once you've run out of normal letters you move on to the Greek alphabet).

Backword Dave

I agree with D2 in that I can't see why she agreed to appear - but surely Leo Sayer, Ken Russell, Jermaine Jackson, and Dirk Benedict are actually famous? AFAIK, they invite lots of people - and most refuse of course. Mind you, I'd have liked Barrymore to win the last series of Sleb BB, so what do I know?

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