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February 25, 2007


Lisa Ramaci-Vincent

thank you so much for referencing my husband steven in this post; it means so much to me to know he has not been forgotten, and that there are still people who think of him and what happened to him in the context of the war. most of all, it is the occasional acknowledgement that he was right, that everything he said about basra has come to pass, that is even more meaningful. steven told me a few weeks before his murder that he had astonishing information he could not even talk about, much less write down, saying that when he got home and was safe he would finally be able to "rip the lid off the snake's nest basra has become". there is no way to be certain of what it was he had found out, but i would not be at all surprised to learn it was the information disclosed above, or something very similar. but of course we'll never know...

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