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April 30, 2007



Well, Malaparte started off wanting to be a fawning court intellectual, and then retconned his book into a scathing indictment, etc, after fascist world domination went floppy. And he made a lot of his reporting up. Still not a bad book, though.

I dunno what that tells us about Sarko.

Perhaps that his Hungarian background hangs heavy. Or that he's a goth.


I think he started hedging earlier than that, specifically after his run in with Balbo demonstrated that he was always going to be a more trivial player than he thought. Anyway, getting put under house arrest for writing the stuff that appeared in the Volga Rises in Europe would have given him political cover: a bit like Junger's connection to the July plotters. Both had the devil's own luck.

I've always thoihght he was fairly consistent - consistently as mad as a box of ferrets, but mad as the same box of ferrets throughout.

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