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May 23, 2007



Guess there must be an IAEA meeting this week then...

The additional dollops of guff are no doubt connected to the upcoming ambassadorial meeting in Baghdad, and are designed to keep Crocker's talking points limited to the standard rote accusations regarding nefarious activities, rather than developing anything useful or substantive.

The Telegraph ran a version of the Guardian story on their front page as well - Iran supplying the Taliban with SAM's to target UK aviation assets according to unnamed sources.

There's also an IHT "story" regarding Iranian expansion of intelligence activities in Europe, and the fear that they may be intending to attack nuclear power stations. The source for this is a well-known French fantasist/disinformationist who seems to have addressed a conveniently-arranged meeting in Westminster earlier this week.

If the established propaganda pattern plays out, there should be a Times or Telegraph piece on Israeli plans to bomb Iran over the weekend.


You'll notice that the Guardian piece is simply stenography of what an anonymous "US official" said. Sort of egregiously so, in fact, with whole chunky paragraphs of quotes from this faceless person.

I thought it was only our US papers that did this.


in related news, I'd advise any B&T readers who are in the Royal Navy to be standing at the back of the queue for inflatable customs boat duty over the next couple of weeks.


It may be significant that it's Simon Tisdall, the chap who usually does the info-free "World Briefing" analysis bits, rather than anyone newsier.


Today's follow up was interesting. Yesterday it was "Iran is the enemy in Iraq", today it's "internationalize the problem through the UN". Good luck with that one.


The source for this is a well-known French fantasist/disinformationist

You're referring to Claude Moniquet, right? I think he's Belgian, but otherwise correct.


About Mr. Moniquet's history as an pro-occupation and anti-opposition hitman for the Moroccan government, here. Especially note the RSF's description of his organization as a "fake NGO", from here. Anything that man says should be taken with a ton or so of salt.

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