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May 10, 2007



I think Blair's great, and those who fume against him are generally a bunch of arseholes.

I feel the hand of history on my shoulder as I type these immortal words.

Mark Wadsworth

But what if you could piss petrol? Would you piss on him then?


No: he'd tax you for it (or jail you for unlicensed and/or reckless distribution of a flammable substance).


Ah, at least he's brought The Left and The Right together: we all despise him.


So will comments enter the British Library too? Cuz I could throw in a bit about Bush...


Don't know, but go ahead. keep it to vulgar abuse though, since that's not actionable as libel.

Alfred of Wessex

Copied verbatim (with acknowledgement of course) on my own blog. Posted links as comments on Guido Fawkes and the Remittance Man.


brilliant, the ultimate comment I have ever heard about Blair. Well said sir, and the only thing he has managed to get is conservatives and socialists both agreeing that he needs to go.

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