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July 27, 2007



I'm unsure as to what physical form this would take, but it seems to me the only thing that will save them now is to appeal to the two old favourites - grammar schools and inheritance tax. I would suggest mixing them into one big policy - grammar school places that you can inherit from your parents or grandparents. But that rather describes grammar schools anyway, doesn't it?


I am actually quite tempted by the reverse-splice version of that policy - that rich families ought to be made to choose between passing on their advantages in the form of a public school education or a lump of cash. So the idea would be confiscatory death duties for anyone educated at a private school but no IHT for state school pupils.

Chris Williams

"a disgustingly swollen member spilling forth from his trousers like a decaying python"

Sorry, is Bad Genitals Week on B&T again? I thought we weren't due that for a few more months.


Given that they scooped out rather more than I first thought - it was hard to tell till the swelling went down - it's probably going to be a while yet to the next Carnival of the Testicular, if it takes place at all.


People regularly google for a variety of search strings concerning the practice of injecting petroleum jelly into one's penis as a crude form of enlargement surgery and land at TYR.

I assume a similar practice is what the Tories are considering; pumping up a floppy undersized prick with extraneous and toxic matter.


"and land at TYR."

I keep getting people who think Javier Solana is the antichrist.


I keep getting people looking for Alan Milburn's dark secret. It's not pleasant.

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