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July 28, 2007


Todd Dugdale

The arming of Sunni militias to take on Al-Qaeda is merely proof that the Iraqi military is an object lesson in failure. And proving that the Iraqi military has failed is now heralded as a major success by the neocons.
What about the deteriorating situations in Kurdistan and Basra, once invoked as success stories?
50,000 Iraqis flee the "success" of the surge each month. 30,000 of these flee into the repressive dicatorship of Syria to escape the shining promise of democracy Bush has brought to their homeland.

Ken MacLeod

What do you mean by 'cauldronization'?


The promotion of radical instability, either wittingly or otherwise - such as, for instance, by arming all sides in a civil war.

As it happens, I don't think it's deliberate: the US army seems to have realised that AQI is a much more imperialist presence locally than they are, and they're taking advantage. The unintended consequence is the sense of entitlement this gives Sunni tribes in their conflict with the Shi'a government.

Ken MacLeod

Thanks Jamie, got it.


Actually the convoluted dealings involved are reminiscent of this. Or so Oliver Kamm's mum might say.

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