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August 21, 2007



Talking of Tories, when you next see the Taxpayers' Alliance pop up, their chair (Andrew Allum) used to be a Conservative councillor in Westminster. (A council who, you will recall, were not too assiduous in pursuing one Shirley Porter for the return of council taxpayer's cash.)


I'm not aware that the current government has expanded the infantry arm; quite the opposite.


I was thinking more in terms of greater numbers of armed police.


Come to think of it, H&K did get a rather surprising contract off Blair in the last few years; suddenly, in about 2005, they decided the MOD Plod needed a new gat, and went out and bought a load of 4.6mm HK MP7-PDW machine pistols.


So they made the piss poor SA80 work? Looks like a good idea to use H&K again then.

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