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August 31, 2007


Flying Rodent

That is just fantastic - Even as a huge fan of Claudius, I had no idea that Graves was strung out. It was pretty clear from the detail he goes into on chicken entrails etc. that he took a great interest in Paganism, but still...

Mind you, if I'd spent my salad days stuck in the trenches, I'd be spiking smack into my eyeball like the bounty hunter in Pitch Black.


a club footed folk dancing enthusiast

That's a feeder line if I ever saw one...


"...if I'd spent my salad days stuck in the trenches"

This is why it struck me that Junger (Storm of Steel) was deep into the magic kingdom as well.


Damn, where did this come from? I read this blog for the political commentary, and suddenly you hit me with an entirely other (particularly rich) vein of preoccupations!

There's a chapter in White Goddess in which Graves discusses the possible origins of the Robin Hood myth, arguing that there likely was a "Robin Hood" in King John's time, but he would have been playing a role which was already familiar from folk tales whose origin is far older.

Joseph Campbell (with whom I have issues in many other respects, but I think he's right in this) suggests in The Power of Myth that some people's lives fall into mythic trajectories, frequently as a result of some deformity/disability/whatever that seperates them from the general current of humanity.

So - while still a "coincidence" - the Gottleib story might still prove worthy of reflection.


Hoffman synthesized LSD in 1943.


This is a Tim Powers novel waiting to happen, if you ask me.


You could do an interesting counterfactual history on the assumption that LSD use spread unfettered across the Western ruling classes - as it alarmingly looked like doing at one stage - but was ring fenced from the proles and so never had to be made illegal.


Er, how?

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