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September 22, 2007



I like your blog and I feel we share sufficient common ground for a link to each others blogs to be mutually beneficial.If you agree to link then please contact me at 'An Unrepentant Communist'


on the commments page of the current post,and I will immediately link your blog to mine.Looking forward to hearing from you.
Gabriel in County Kerry Ireland

Chris Williams

I am the only unrepentant communist out there who's making a point of not visiting Gabriel's blog, to pay him back for all this bleedin' boring spam?


I am not sure about this one. There is probably literally not enough money in America for them to persuade HSBC not to do business with China. If the anti-Iran sanctions had the effect of impeding even American banks in the rush for Chinese contracts, my guess is that it would be the Iran sanctions that ended up getting dropped.


Yeah, that's pretty much the CM guy's take on it too. I notice that there seems to have been a wave of pushback from companies within the EU over the past couple of weeks too.


Chris - no. And if I do visit his blog it'll be to spam it.

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