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September 21, 2007


Chris Williams

Wrong. It was Mr Revie.


Nah, he was just part of the whole: i thought Johnny Giles was the most demonic appendage, but they all bled into the general Leeds U homunculous.


Another view would be that Mourinho really was too much his own man for Abramovich, who likes to know that the people below him are scared of him.

However much money he had to spend, Chelsea won't find a better manager than Mourinho (not least because of the reasons give above) which is good, since it will do them damage. There's not a football club in England with a smaller proportion of their fans coming from the locality than Chelsea, not even the club that plays at Old Trafford. I loathe them so much I even wanted Manchester United to beat them for the Double in 1994.

But Mourinho made me laugh for a while. "Here we do not have so many goals in the five-a-side matches", or whatever he said after Arsenal won 5-4 at Spurs, suggesting that teams that conceded four goals a game don't win the league. And he was right.

Igor Belanov

And plenty of people like Leeds because of that team. My Dad wasn't a Leeds fan, but he speaks very highly of the ability of that team and would contrast them very favourably to Mourinho's dreary Chelsea 'machine'.

That machine was starting to fall apart, and having lost its efficiency could hardly offer style as a mitigating factor. Like Ejh above, I've a lot of contempt for the Chelsea fans cheering Mourinho's name, they seem to epitomise the kind of 'gloaters' who pay £1000 for a season ticket just to taunt rival fans when they get back to work after the weekend.

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