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October 05, 2007



Oh, that is a rather wonderful observation, and the perfect answer to tiresome types who think the late Dr. Sir Pelham was a Nazi.

I used to work with an English Rand enthusiast, who eventually left to pursue a career writing Rand-inspired plays. I suspect this will not prove overly successful. He is/was associated with this bunch:


who are well worth a read if you want to acquaint yourself with both the people in the UK who take Rand seriously. You may, however , have something better to do, like cleaning out the sink trap.

Nicholas L

That is a truly appalling website. Sub-communist party bad. Sub-parish council bad. Urgh, it's like being back in 6th form and on the web in the dial up days all rolled into one.


Ayn Rand herself strikes me as rather like Honoria Glossop or Florence Craye...

"I am going to improve your brain, Bertie."
"But I don't want my brain improved. I'm happy with the little fellow the way it is."

She probably also had a laugh like a troop of cavalry charging over a tin bridge.


Ah, I like Flashman better for that:

"...a lean pessimist...with a voice like coals being delivered."

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