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October 12, 2007



Clearly, she's never seen this.


"We can make fun of George Bush. He’s our president. We elected him. And the queen of England, they can make fun of her within Britain and so on."

We? Our? Interesting from a woman who, we learnt recently, spent the last few months trailing around Washington with a Dutch government security detail.

It's not a generic "we", either; note that the British are "they".


But if you don't think of George as "our" president, then you are clearly objectively Muslim.


I knew the kebabs were significant.


I can imagine that having death threats made against you does rather warp your judgement. But it doesn't explain why she is taken so seriously by the Decent left.


Being really cynical for a moment; frankly, who doesn't think that a team of private securigoons isn't a big status enhancer chez AEI?


It's notable that none of the other folks trading at the same pitch feel the need for bodyguards. Irshad Manji explicitly rejected them. Of course, none of her colleagues have been murdered but there's no reason why IM would be in any less danger.

Mike Power

The Japanese don’t do it. That never happens.

Amazing how a couple of nuclear bombs can concentrate the mind.

Mike Power

This is the bit that really troubled me:

I completely and utterly agree with John Bolton...

Sorry, but agreeing with 'Mr Pastry' about anything gets you crossed off my Christmas list.

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