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October 01, 2007



Mottoes. How about "never practise penalties"?

Antipholus Papps

Mottos: how about Arbeit Macht Frei?


Motto: Platitude, not Attitude


"Did you see Big Brother last night?"


...and we have a winner.


And check this out - last para.



Oh come on Jamie, he only wants a surveillance state for "Islamist crazies", a well-defined objective category which will obviously be clearly delimited. (btw I love the implicit claim in all these pieces that Anderson, Aaro, Phillips etc have exact and precise knowledge of the extent of MI5's operations and are in a position to judge how adequate they are).

anyone would think that you are putting off writing something about Christopher Hitchens' recent discovery that China is a superpower but not a democracy. I've been looking forward to that post for days.


Oh Lord, must I? It makes me feel dirty. Anyway, he's discovered China's THE superpower, not just one of them.

Hitchens is critical now, but given his liking for power and violence I anticipate that soon he's going to be converting to the joys of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Then he'll call for an invasion of Iraq, currently used as a staging post for US subversion of Iran, secular Beijing's staunch ally in the region.


Does this mean we're no longer 'unquestionably' the second strongest power in the world?

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