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December 27, 2007



Monetary stability

a very public sociologist

Oh yes, I expect over the coming days she'l be hyped up into a Mandela-like figure by the media. It'll be interesting to see what the press have to say about it tomorrow, expecially the tabloids. I wonder if The Star will think she had a "cracking pair".


As the saying goes - if you thought Bhutto was the solution, then you didn't understand the problem.

What's been particularly nauseating in the US is not just the saintliness of Bhutto, but that the entire discussion has been framed around how it will affect the US election (and implicit, how can the US control Pakistan - I've got news for you guys, you cannae).


Yes, CBS news ran a piece where their 'political analyst' was discussing the effect it would have on the campaign. I thought he meant the Pakistani election campaign, but it turned out he was talking about the primaries. They then asked all the candidates how they would deal with the situation in the hypothetical event they were president, which rather turns it into a parlour game.

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