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December 11, 2007



Such goings-on are all too few and far between in British politics too.

Am I right in remembering that Michael Heseltine once seized the mace in the House of Commons and tried to belt someone with it? Or was that just a particularly freaky dream?

Technically treasonous, that, I think, as the mace is the symbol of the Queen...


He seized the mace while Labour backbenchers were singing The Red Flag (yes, it was a long time ago) but I think anything beyond that is probably invention.


The late Ron Brown did a bit of mace fondling to, I recall.


Same period. Brown managed to drop it, presumably because he was pissed, and was ordered to pay for the repairs; he complained bitterly, saying that "if you are worried about a bauble, Mr Speaker, you are worried about nothing" and that he would find some unemployed engineering workers in his constituency to do the job.

Nobody seems to go in for mace-seizing any more.

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