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December 23, 2007



I'll never forget that when I once asked my late great-aunt, nearly thirty years ago, whether she thought the Labour Party had achieved anything, she said yes, certainly: they had solved homelessness, you didn't see people sleeping on the streets any more.

At the time this conversation took place, this was probably true, but it didn't take long to undo that small but important piece of human progress, did it? And it was undone deliberately, on the grounds that the social provision involved was supposedly deleterious to the moral character and desire to work of the proletariat. Deliberately. After a generation I still can't get my head round it.


Fuck Birdy. Has he given the Issue back the money he spent moving his g/f out to LA when he was there trying to push "The Bag Issue" (bags. with Serious Questions printed on them) on the States? No? Piss off.

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