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December 14, 2007



Don't forget the role of middle class sado-masochism in this.

Things you are not allowed to do if you are middle class, according to the Guardian:

1. Watch association football
2. Protest about anything
3. Have sex
4. Buy the Guardian

it really does make you wonder how they get out of bed in the morning.


"No, says Polly, leave my precious state alone. It is my good intentions made manifest."

Or as I like to put it: Polly thinks New Labour is (or should be) the social democratic government in her head.

Does New Labour actually have a theory of the state, btw? (That's assuming it was more than 'Whatever Mr Tony Wants') If it does, it sure ain't what Toynbee thinks it is.

a very public sociologist

New Labour have more of a feel for the state than a theory of it. That feel can be summed up as a vehicle for the three Ps: Power, Position, and Profit.


She writes well about equality, though.

But then the next week she'll always remember herself and write a piece attacking anybody outside the Westminster Village who undertakes any practical measures to increase it.


She also seems to be labouring under the bizarre illusion that the middle classes are somehow immune to the depredations of the state.

As a white middle class male who's been unemployed in the past, got a shitty hospital on the doorstep and a daughter who seems to be going backwards academically since joining the local junior school, I'd like to know where the bloody hell Polly gets her pilgarlic ideas.


Spot on. My attempt at bursting her bubble of ignorance is here http://vindicovindico.blogspot.com/2007/12/oh-polly.html

marcus warner

Alas i take a slightly different view...



Polly Toynbee is an egregious hack.

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