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January 19, 2008


Tim Worstall

Indian onion market: I have a vague memory that the Indian Govt banned exports to keep domestic prices low. Looks like it's working, too, even if not with quite the results most would desire.

Chris Williams

Biofuels. Rich people can express their preference for driving far more strongly than poor people can express their preference for eating.


It seems that as usual the poor will suffer the shortages of food and the rich
will be wasting it as usual. I see so much food wasted here in California,
people's eyes are bigger than their stomachs so they take more than what they can eat...a lot of them are so big and fat. If they could only see the
people that are starving all over the world..........maybe one day they'll be in
the same situation and they can think back to all the food that they wasted.
Americans are kind and helpful but they waste too much food. Let's make the portions smaller.

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