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January 14, 2008


suzi finer

...and I heard on the news today they've made an old heart new again via stem cells (hmmmm...?)


I have decided to donate my body to AC Grayling, whether he wants it or not.


My objection right now would be that I don’t think enough has been done to encourage more people to donate voluntarily.

That's about the only sane objection I've seen so far.


I wish my liver to be fed to the cat. Other than that, they can do what they like with the rest.


"I will leave a sum in my last will for my body to be carried to Brazil and to these forests. It will be laid out in a manner secure against the possums and the vultures just as we make our chickens secure; and this great Coprophanaeus beetle will bury me. They will enter, will bury, will live on my flesh; and in the shape of their children and mine, I will escape death. No worm for me nor sordid fly, I will buzz in the dusk like a huge bumble bee. I will be many, buzz even as a swarm of motorbikes, be borne, body by flying body out into the Brazilian wilderness beneath the stars, lofted under those beautiful and un-fused elytra which we will all hold over our backs. So finally I too will shine like a violet ground beetle under a stone." -- WD Hamilton

(in the event, he was instead buried in Wytham Woods)

Charlie Whitaker

Why not donate it to the Tennessee Body Farm? It looks cosy.


Hey, giving my body to Criminology? Why not? Other things I'm considering giving my body to:

Manchester Dog's Home

Chris Williams

I'm giving mine to Homeopathy, in a sealed jam-jar. The water will remember me, even if nobody else does.

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