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February 15, 2008



I do wonder whether politics and social science graduates ought to do a module called 'How to set up and run a think tank'. They couldn't do much worse than the ones that actually exist.


It's just another variant on "the proles are lazy and undisciplined and need a kick up the arse".

It scores high on the "saloon-bar solutions to all our problems" meter, though. Perhaps Nick Cohen will take it up?


Why don't they just draft the poor instead? Just think of all the 'potential' that could be 'unlocked'?


I think there's generally more interest in finding jobs for ex-servicemen than inundating a fighting army with hordes of kids who don't want to know.

Anyway, why stop at schools? what about general counterinsurgency? The Crumpsall tribal council has a nice ring to it, and I'm just about getting to the time of life where I'd be a credible elder and a river to my people, even unto the old biddy at number 47.

They'd have to dig me a well in the back garden, though.

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