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May 15, 2008


Igor Belanov

I'm a football fan, but it still baffles me why more than 100000 people would make the effort and waste their money to travel from Scotland to Manchester to watch a football match on a big screen in a city square. I can't see myself travelling a hundred miles to stand outside a gig venue and listen to a band live on radio while they played inside.

Chris Williams

I've just heard that one of the 'gers managed to break a window of the police station in Newton Street _with a plastic glass_. Granted, that police station has been a museum for rather a long time, but that doesn't detract from the physical achievement.

Ewan Watt

"Technical failure is not an option". No, perhaps not. But then again engine failure on a Boeing 747 isn't much of an option either. It just happens. Were the authorities ill prepared? Yes. But this is a bit like saying the police are responsible for crime because they're not omnipresent.


No, not really. The point is that the Council took on the responsibility for rangers fans irrespective of their behaviour when it decided to host the final. They can be held responsible in the same sense that a government can be held responsible for its inadequacies and failings in planning for cyclones, hurricanes and other natural disasters. They gambled that it wouldn't happen, and then they failed to make adequate preparations when it did.

It's since come out, btw, that there's strong evidence that ther screen was malfunctioning all day, and that the council did nothing about it as Piccadilly filled with fans getting drunker and drunker...

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