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May 22, 2008



Hmm. Twin coaxial main rotors and no tail rotor, like a Kamov Ka-50 Hokum. Characteristically Russian design, that.


It's who did it that's been pestering me. Why do something so wacky and not claim the credit? And does it strike anybody as the sort of thing Putin's men would do?


I'm positive it's the Putin Youth people, who have been known to pull stunts like this, with the nasty twist that they're on behalf of the powerful.


These people?


Yaeh, that's Nashi. They're supposed to have dissolved or be in the process of it, but the group syill seems to exist: running pro-government youth groups is emerging as a good way to get on in Russian politics.


It's funny: normally Chessbase, run by German rightwinger Fred Friedel, reports Kasparov's every move. This time they haven't. Whether it's considered to show Kasparov in a bad light or his opponents in a good one...I don't know.

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