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May 30, 2008



...a plot to launch attacks in Saudi Arabia while millions were gathered for the Hajj...whose targets allegedly included religious leaders critical of Al Qaeda...

Hmmm...we can talk to Al Qaeda so long as they confine their activities to killing their fellow Muslims over doctrinal differences?

Keep it in the family and we can do business (but what sort?)

The old divide and conquer schtick rides again.

Nick L

Bit of a shame about Quilliam, hope it doesn't spell the end for them. I think they deserved a chance to make themselves heard.

Sammy Smith

Seems that everyone was being scammed by these guys for them to make money, one has already been exposed as such:



For a group advocating democracy, sources of funds should have been clear and transparent - like their murky backgrounds, everything about the Quilliam Foundation, from its politics, philosophy and theology is pretty murky and uninspiring.

They have been thoroughly debunked by a number of writers - the following couple of sites are good examples:

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