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September 04, 2008



Well, I definitely would. I wouldn't vote for her though.

He's looking a bit rough, is McCain. You sort of feel a running mate thirty years his junior maybe doesn't make for the most flattering visual.

Dave Weeden

Let's face it, Palin's an L-Word fantasy writ large, and the perfect example of why butch straight women set hearts aflutter no matter where they appear. Wow, she's a pinup for lesbians too.

Cheryl Rofer

Jamie, I think you've got it just right. Sex has been right up front in this ever since her candidacy was announced. (Have we ever been inundated with so much gynecological information about a candidate's family in such a short time?)

I haven't wanted to blog about it, but I'm beginning to think it's inescapable.


Well, they usually look more as if they think the Anti-Sex League was a utopia. So it's not surprising that, having realised this, they're going to splash it around like oil. Drill, baby, drill...

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