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October 23, 2008



I think maybe you're overdoing it a bit with the noblesse oblige attributions here. It looks to me as though Rothschild Jr (also ex-Bullingdon) is moving into Prince Charles territory with the weightiness of his pronouncements. Imagine Highgrove relocated in the Med. for purposes of tax avoidance ... much safer for Rothschild to return to the quiet enjoyment of extreme wealth, surely?

The more troubling question is why we have a senior Tory politician socialising with Mandelson and various Russians. As if to tell us we have no hope at all of getting an honest set of politicians elected.


The Independent had an interesting comment about the Rothschild's motivation in simon Carr's sketch.

Rothschild knifes George

"Mandelson's name is attached to £200m of aluminium tariff gains. His wealthy friends have lost billions in the crash. The Rothschild reaction is far too detailed, pointed, damaging to be a response to a lapse of manners. It is a shot at destroying an old friend in order to protect... well, who knows?"

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