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October 22, 2008


chris y

I remember The White Hotel vividly. There was a lively debate over whether its publication constituted actionable plagiarism or barely fair use. I had no idea it was soft porn on top of all that.

Dan Hardie

I too remember the White Hotel vividly; in fact, I was present at the final pre-publication marketing meeting, at which, to my great sorrow, the book acquired its present title, rather than my preferred option of 'Debbie Does the Holocaust'. (There was also strong support for 'Emanuelle in Barbi Yar'.)


What got me about it wasn't so much the sex n slaughter mix but that Benny Hill-ish obsession with lingerie. Now that really was a creepy counterpoint to the Babi Yar episodes.

Chris Williams

Surely 'Debbie does Dachau'? Missed a trick there mate.

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