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October 31, 2008


Ex-PFC Wintergreen

The only difference is that while in the past they were recreating those towns and cities in order to practice destroying them, the whole reason they are hiring actual Iraqis at NTC is so that young Soldiers and officers can practice interacting with Iraqis, learning about culture, using translators, and experiencing what meetings and engagements will be like with government officials and sheikhs. During my rotation there we had very few kinetic engagements, it was absolutely not the primary focus.


British mock-mietskasernen were built out by Heathrow.

There are still a fair number of (fairly accurate) simulated North German villages and Ulster high streets scattered around the country...


Are there? Where? (I'm not denying it, I'm just interested.)


Salisbury Plain, for one.

David Gillies

Also, any largeish British Army base that is home to infantry (at least, this used to be the case, and I can't see any reason why the concept would have been abandoned). I remember as a young cadet seeing a perfect replica of a terraced street on the periphery of a camp twenty odd years ago. The military calls this FIBUA (Fighting in Built-Up Areas). I think the US term is MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain). Remember during the Troubles essentially every unit in the Army did a tour in Northern Ireland at some point.


Now OBUA - Operations in Built Up Areas. (unofficially it's FISH - Fighting In Someone's House)

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