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December 12, 2008


Fellow Traveller

I'll bet he wishes that he could have instructed the public, like the de Menezes inquest coroner, on how they could vote so that they only return a 'Yes' or abstain.


What baffles me about it though is that surely they knew the votes was likely to be lost? And so surely they deliberately had a vote in order that they could avoid putting this plan into practice because they reckoned it would cost them votes at an election?


I don't know - two of the ten boroughs in the region are completely outside the M60, and two or three others are mostly outside. The inner ring is entirely within two boroughs (Manchester and Salford). The publicity has all been about how much better public transport would be (throughout the region), with a secondary theme of how most people wouldn't actually have to pay; they must have reckoned they had a good chance of appealing to self-interest, particularly in outlying boroughs. It's quite heartening that it didn't come off.


I ended up not voting. It was one of those political enterprises where participation seems too much like complicity. I’m beginning to feel that way about British politics in general, too.

In suspect a lot of Labour voters have felt this way for years. Even if Brown/Darling come up with a plan that worked, that feeling won't go away anytime soon.

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