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December 18, 2008


Fellow Traveller

I would laugh so hard if the rival bodyguards started a firefight with each other. Someone jostled someone else, made an unkind remark about their 9mm pistol...the Supreme Court Justice has to draw his .44 Magnum revolver and re-establish order.

Do they have stand ins as with the Oscar ceremony?

jamie k

I used to work for an MEP who witnessed a near firefight at an Organisation of American States bunfight between the protection squads of the US and Jamaican delegations, basically over who got to walk through an airport first.

It reached a climax when the head of the US security detail pointedly pulled back his jacket lapel and tapped the butt of the automatic in its shoulder holster, at which point the Jamaican chef du cabinet whipped out a MAC 10 and stuck it under his nose. Checkmate!


I've just done the maths on my own blog - being US president has an occupational fatality rate of 1826 per hundred thousand worker years. That's a hell of a lot.

jamie k

It's not so surprising if you think about it. The US president is powerful and prominent enough to piss off any number of 300 million people in a heavily armed country where extreme views are constitutionally protected. He's almost a target by default.


Interestingly (or not), it's roughly four times the fatality rate of US troops in Iraq.

jamie k

They can shoot first/shoot back, have personal firepower, body armour and generally project danger. It's odd really given the whole 2nd amendment thing that presidents don't regularly go armed themselves. Mind you, I wouldn't have fancied Nixon round guns, especially on one of his pill and whisky binges.

Fellow Traveller

Thanks for the great anecdote about the Jamaican American Mexican standoff. It brings to mind 'Call that a knife, this is a knife'.

As for your query about 'fools' in attendance, surely a couple of prominent Yank comedians will make an appearance at the ceremony?

Barry Freed

Mind you, I wouldn't have fancied Nixon round guns, especially on one of his pill and whisky binges.

Nah, it was Nixon around B-52s that you really had to look out for.

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