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December 07, 2008


Fellow Traveller

Reminds me of the Somalian situation - you can be a virtuous Somali in Mogadishu and starve to death (don't worry - some kindly Western liberals will shed a tear or two at your passing and bemoan the awfulness of this world, while blaming it all on evil Muslims) or you can take to the high seas and embark on the flamboyant and profitable career of the pirate. Those pirates bootstrapped themselves out of poverty in a way that would've made Samuel Smiles proud (excepting the fact that he disapproved of piracy).

The ruling class response to Baby P and the Matthews case smacks of Israeli style collective punishment - wall them all in like the Palestinians of Gaza and starve 'em until they become compliant.


Here in Michigan, I saw Engler roll out his welfare reforms in the early 1990's. (I'll resist the temptation to use scare quotes.) For the record, assuming such a creature actually exists, Engler predates the notion of "compassionate conservatism". The national Republican Party picked up on the issue of welfare reform and Clinton "stole the issue", implementing reforms that led to the country largely following the Michigan model. Reduce the welfare rolls with various new rules and time limits, shift a lot of people from "welfare" to "disability" benefits, and call it a day.

Welcome to Michigan.


shift a lot of people from "welfare" to "disability" benefits

Been there, done that, in the 1980s. We're now harassing the people involved.


It's simple: Karen Matthews - like Myra Hindley before her - is The Face of Evil, which makes it so much easier for everyone to hate benefit claimants in general.

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