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February 03, 2009



It remains to be noted that the No Fuckin' Use has opposed literally every public health measure affecting food right back to compulsory TB testing of milk.


will it not just incrase bussnis for those that can copy or make fake stuf like that since rfds alredy got copyed and faked 6 years ago in the ealry adopters conmtry and rfd and other eletroinicd movment stuff are just as good as the time hacKer want to spend to leParn how to hack it just look on the digital encfryption that movie and music industry had problems whit... and some aSIAN FOKS DONT WORK O N FINGERPRINTS you can copy it 3 feet away and to trust a id system made by the goverment you have to trust the police and the goverment in other woreds it pronbely just make sense in the top 20 counbtrys in trnasparcy internatrional (of the less corupt nations i n the world)

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