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April 22, 2009


Fellow Traveller

I can't understand the admiration for Hitler when he led his nation into utter ruin. His fans seem to focus on the early years and ignore the end, a common enough practice among admirers of great men.

He did say a lot of nice things about Aryans.


"then successfully complete it"

Awful plan, then.

Wasn't it Gujarat, btw, where Hindu ultra-nationalists butchered all those Muslims some years back? Glad to see they're keeping up with both theory and practice.


Yeah, but Mein Kampf only takes him as far as 1924. Anyway, what's with the tall poppy syndrome here? This relentless negativity is why Europe didn't invent i pods, you know.

Chris Williams

He wasn't really on top of the world in 1924 either, though, was he? Ludendorff's gimp, in chokey. No, for true Hitlertastic self-realisation action, you want c.1925 through to July 1940. That'll get them going.

Richard J

"I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos. "


You know, I've seen this episode of Star Trek before. Skippy Homeier gets it in the end.

Death to Zeon!

Fellow Traveller

Could National Socialism's Indian come back have something to do with the 20,000 Maoists in the country? Hitler won over a lot of people with his Bolsheviki bashing.

What about the Jewish victims of the Mumbai massacre? Have the paper-hanger's new adherents conveniently dropped the anti-semitism?


Hindu nationalism was much less about venerating Hinduism – most nationalists were not religious – than about constructing a strong, culturally homogenous nation state

Also see, ah, another country I can think of

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