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April 28, 2009



It is fairly apparent that he's lost his anger - I pick up the yearly collections of his strips when I find them, and the ones from the 80s are so superior to the current If... that it's almost painful. That said, his op-eds are still usually brilliant; today's is especially good.


He's struggled since Blair quit, and Bush going as well doesn't help. Really, he got Blair like few others did.

I'm increasingly sympathetic to the idea that the culture needs a phase of Toryism to revive - like one of those forests that needs to burn every now and then to fertilise its seeds - but the collateral damage, and dear God, the fucking people...

Does anyone have any ideas? Seriously. The Tories are simply unacceptable, even as an alternative to goulash Blairism.

Chris Williams

Hmm. . . you wouldn't be a LibDem candidate would you Alex?

As for ideas, I wouldn't start from here if I was you. Or indeed me. In an ideal world, Labour's would come out of this fiasco having realised that blowing away your own core support, on the basis that there are no credible rivals on the left, doesn't deliver _either_. 13 years of power, and what have they actually achieved that Ken Clarke couldn't have done in more style?

We may have forgotten that the Tories are still tories, but they are about to remind us of this: they're a shoe-in for the next election, but I might take a punt on them losing the one term.

Brown's on a downward spiral in any case: all the crap that happens in the next year is going to stick to Labour. The best thing that he could do for the party is engineer a crisis now and call a general election which he will lose, rather than limping to the time limit with his credibility in Majorian tatters. The only way is down, so they may as well eject now.


I'm not a candidate for anything at the moment. Except for a good kicking. And really, do I have any commitment to the Liberals? I don't even really read Liberal blogs.


"the culture needs a phase of Toryism to revive"

When does the revival begin, given that we've have unbroken Toryism since 1979?


Steve Bell was in "The Leveller" as well. That was good stuff.


And really, do I have any commitment to the Liberals?

Well, I think you do.


Having the If.. books from the 80's and 90's, lovingly tracked down in 2nd hand bookshops, my opinion is that whilst Bell may be getting older and losing his fire, it is depressing to see the simple themes which he portrayed in the 80's being repeated. Financial meltdown, violence in foreign countries in good old fashioned imperialist style, billions hungry and lacking resources, the ongoign battle of the rich versus poor (The rich won), political lies and spin etc etc.

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