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April 29, 2009



He's going to purge and cleanse his precious bodily fluids...

Paul Yarbles

It's too bad both the internal and external purging is such an ugly business. Shitting and genocide. Get it over with as quick as possible, flush the results away, and don't dwell on the ugliness.


There does seem to be a bit of a link between weird fascist views and intestinal problems. Hitler, Gaddafi and Goering all come to mind.
The question might be: which comes first? Does constipation make you right-wing or does being right-wing make you constipated?

Richard J

I seem to recall that the core argument of Norman Dixon's Psychology of Military Incompetence was that the authoritarian personality type could be tied back to toilet training.


I wouldn't exactly say the core argument, but it was definitely in there.

Richard J

Actually, I would - IIRC, the basic argument in the book boils down to 'military incompetence is a consequence of the institutional structures of a peacetime military promoting authoritarian-type personalities into positions of command. Authoritarian personalities are unable to cope with the fast-moving and unstructured demands of war. This personality type emerges in, and is identifiable from, early childhood. The main traumatic event of early childhood is toilet training..."


"The battle of Waterloo was won on the potties of the Home Counties" - Duke of Wellington (attrib.)

Toilet training is probably the main traumatic event of early parenthood as well. Certainly of early fatherhood.


"Toilet training is probably the main traumatic event of early parenthood"

That was the nappy stage I found: like bomb disposal. Eventually you just sigh and march towards the sound of guns, or rather explosions.


"This is great training for fatherhood, you know. You manage to get half an hour's sleep, then some little fat guy starts screaming at you and you have to get up in the middle of the night and clean something."
-- unidentified British Army recruit

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