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April 14, 2009



I frankly don't believe this Robin Hood story of honest fishermen forced to take to the outlaw life by the destruction of their environment. AFAICMO, what happened is that a few warlords decided to go into the fishing permits business around the mid 1990s, and in vague support of their franchise got into the practice of harassing fishing boats, a practice which spiralled as they realised that after ten years of conflict, the sea had more stuff worth nicking than the land. So it's sort of a private property story, but twisted a bit. Since then, they've been keen to help themselves to the rhetoric of the downtrodden fishermen, but this is marketing material rather than anything else.

(I also believe that the historical Robin of Locksley was almost certainly a bit of a nasty thieving cunt, so I am probably too cynical).

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