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May 16, 2009


Dave Weeden

Daily Mail: Tam Dayell claimed 18k for bookcases (he got 7.8). "I didn't want shoddy bookcases; I wanted good ones." Bookcases do furnish a room, you know...

Chris Williams

The nature of Mad Nad's response is perhaps the most depressing thing about the scandal; but Dorries herself is perhaps the most depressing thing about the twenty-first century. I'll bet you that a good third of the people who Google "cobalt bomb specs" are doing it because of her.

Madam Miaow

That's a very good point, B&T.


Natascha Engel, MP for North East Derbyshire, charged us £12 for a copy of "The Magic Mountain! There is one good woman in Gommorrah!

Dave Weeden

Shouldn't she have read it, like, as a student?

Chris Williams

And Sodom's still in the frame. Don't look back.

[Hang on, am I mixing Noah and Lot here? Should have paid more attention in Sunday school.]


There is a very good reason to deny buying booze for constituents, especially; "treating" is actually a criminal offence.

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