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June 18, 2009


Chris Williams

Which primate? I'm becoming increasingly convinced that the C21st will answer the question "Are we chimps or bonobos?" one way or another.

Solomon Hughes

A case of Hollywood Primitives, surely - I think a lot of the commenters are confusing the plot of the "Final Destination" movie with religious thought. I quite enjoyed all the "Final Destination" films, but the title of "Final Destination: 2" was always a problem. (Did they consider "Final Destination 2: Finaller destination" to be followed by "Final Destination 3: Finalest destination")


"Final Destination 2: No, Really"

Richard J

"Final Destination 2: Back to the depot"


"Final Destination 2: Old Trafford in midweek"

Chris Williams

Brooker got it rightest, firstest, with his list of pointless sequels which came out in tvgohome. From memory, the best one was "Re: You've got mail!"

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