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June 08, 2009



Why bother buying the electorate when you can buy the Prime Minister for £125k?


"I have that much equity in my house. Any one of our fine British banks would probably lend me 125 grand with only a short delay for the paperwork... Lakshmi Mittal swung a hugely profitable privatisation deal for a Romanian steelworks for less than the price of a fully loaded Porsche Boxster. The return on investment on these political contributions is just fucking unbelievable, even by Internet standards. What's keeping me awake at night is that I can't think of any reasonably discreet ways in which the government could make me rich, because I know that if I had that idea, I could pay them to do it..."


I was thinking more of a long term tap into GDP or political operation (like the Saudis in lebanon)rather than a score. Obviously this would be more likely to come from a country or institution than an individual.

Chris Williams

Typo there, Jamie - you wrote 'lebanon' when you obviously menat to write 'Britain'. HTH!

Richard J

I remember reading that, Ajay, at about the time I found out how much Piers de Cuntbubble [(c) Viz] had paid for the Press Gazette... Let's put it this way - the transaction price/press coverage ratio was an incredible outlier.

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